Problem: DNS notify does not work with Samba4


With Samba4 installed on UCS the changes on BIND9 DNS zones from a DNS master does not get synced automatically via NOTIFY to the DNS slaves.


UCS 5.0-2

Since this version if Samba4 is installed the DLZ module does pull the stored DNS data from Samba.
This also applies to the following and upcoming UCS versions.

Solution / Workaround

Use a cronjob / crontab on the DNS slaves to get a zone update via AXFR (DNS Zone Transfer Protocol)

Command looks something like:
dig @ -p 7777 <> axfr
:information_source: Change the <> to your belonging UCS domain.

With this workaround the data will get pulled from each slave instead of pushed from the DNS master.

Root Cause

(Note, however, that DLZ has no built-in support for DNS notify; slaves are not automatically informed of changes to the zones in the database.)

Source: Using DLZ in BIND

→ This bug report was created for the problem: Bug 55243 – UCS DNS with DLZ does not support DNS notify

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