Problem: dependency issue during oxguard installation


Updateing oxguard shows:
univention-ox-guard : Hängt ab von: open-xchange-guard (>= 2.10.6-7) soll aber nicht installiert werden
Hängt ab von: open-xchange-guard-file-storage (>= 2.10.6-7) soll aber nicht installiert werden

This happens for customers who have integrated ox packages


You have to edit the ox-joinscript

vim /usr/lib/univention-install/65univention-ox.inst
→ VERSIONG='2.10.7'  # Guard
univention-run-join-scripts --force --run-scripts 65univention-ox.inst
apt update
univention-app install open-xchange-guard

Bug 56276

During the last changes, the workaround is not usable anymore, so we provide the next one:

Add the repository manually (temporarily) to sources.list

deb https://$OXUSER:$ ./

Install the deb package manually:

apt-get update && apt-get install open-xchange-guard

Install the univention app open-xchange-guard

univention-app install open-xchange-guard

Access Denied may still apply, you could need to re-run the 93univention-ox.inst to have the repository in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20_ucs-online-component.list

 univention-run-join-scripts --force --run-scripts 93univention-ox.inst
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