Problem: Delete "deleted objects" in Samba


You tried to delete an already deleted object in samba. Perhaps you followed this article

and you stumble across this error message with this delete command.

ldbdel --cross-ncs --show-deleted --relax -r -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb 'cn=christina\0ADEL:891c4c0d-ff30-4acd-9dbb-c24ed355fc0d,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=schein,DC=me' delete of 'cn=christina\0ADEL:891c4c0d-ff30-4acd-9dbb-c24ed355fc0d,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=schein,DC=me' failed - (Operations error) (null)

What could go wrong here? It should be possible to delete this object.


The error message is quite misleading. The parameter -r for recursive cannot be combined with the parameter --relax

ldbdel --cross-ncs --show-deleted --relax -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb 'cn=cluwitsch2\0ADEL:891c4c0d-ff30-4acd-9dbb-c24ed355fc0d,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=schein,DC=me' Deleted 1 record

Important additional note:
If the parameter --relax is necessary:

Refusing to delete xxx This check is to prevent corruption of 
the replicated state

than the delection has to be done on each drs replication partner in the domain, otherwise the drs replication gets stuck!