Problem: Data Loss with Mac OS X and Office365 Using an UCS Share

Kudos @giuliano.drago


When using Office365 running on Mac OS X editing files residing on a UCS Samba share data loss might happen.


You need to disable preview per policy.
According to this thread you can use the following script to be run on your Mac OS X client:


# Casper PlistBuddy script to disable icon previews and the preview pane for enhanced 
# SMB share compatibility.  Should work with 10.9 through 10.11 (and beyond?)
# June 2016 - Neil Broadbent - Proactis Solutions -
# This script elaborates on some brilliant work from gumptiontech at the following link:
# I've modified it to run as root and act on the currently logged in user.  Also added 
# additional lines to shut off the preview column in the column finder view, and to 
# disable .DS_Store creation on SMB shares.
# This should be run at user login, or by any other means while the target user is logged in.

# Define variables for plistbuddy path, current user, and destination file path
loggedInUser=`/bin/ls -l /dev/console | /usr/bin/awk '{ print $3 }'`

# Delete the existing cover-flow preview setting
$plistbuddy -c 'Delete StandardViewSettings:ExtendedListViewSettings:showIconPreview' $plistfile;

# Delete the existing icon preview setting
$plistbuddy -c 'Delete StandardViewSettings:IconViewSettings:showIconPreview' $plistfile;

# Delete the existing list icon preview setting
$plistbuddy -c 'Delete StandardViewSettings:ListViewSettings:showIconPreview' $plistfile;

# Delete the existing column icon preview setting
$plistbuddy -c 'Delete StandardViewOptions:ColumnViewOptions:ShowIconThumbnails' $plistfile;

# Delete the existing column preview column setting
$plistbuddy -c 'Delete StandardViewOptions:ColumnViewOptions:ColumnShowIcons' $plistfile;

# Reset the cover-flow preview setting to off
$plistbuddy -c 'Add StandardViewSettings:ExtendedListViewSettings:showIconPreview bool false' $plistfile;

# Reset the icon preview setting to off
$plistbuddy -c 'Add StandardViewSettings:IconViewSettings:showIconPreview bool false' $plistfile;

# Reset the list icon preview setting to off
$plistbuddy -c 'Add StandardViewSettings:ListViewSettings:showIconPreview bool false' $plistfile;

# Reset the column icon preview setting to off
$plistbuddy -c 'Add StandardViewOptions:ColumnViewOptions:ShowIconThumbnails bool false' $plistfile;

# Reset the column preview column setting to off
$plistbuddy -c 'Add StandardViewOptions:ColumnViewOptions:ColumnShowIcons bool false' $plistfile;

# Repair ownership on plist file
chown -R "$loggedInUser:staff" $plistfile