Problem: Computer room isn't showing up in "Education" -> "Computer room"


A created computer room is visible in
School administration → Room management
but not available in
Education → Computer room.


  • Make sure the ucsschoolRole attributes are present

    • univention-ldapsearch -LLL cn='<schoolname>-<roomname>' | grep ucsschoolRole
  • We missed the attribute

    • ucsschoolRole: veyon-backend:school:-
  • Add the missing attribute

ldapmodify -x -D "cn=admin,$(ucr get ldap/base)" -y /etc/ldap.secret <<EOR
dn: cn=<schoolname>-<roomname>,cn=raeume,cn=groups,ou=<schoolname>,$(ucr get ldap/base)
changetype: modify
add: ucsschoolRole
ucsschoolRole: veyon-backend:school:-
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