Problem: Cleanup old exam remains


During the normal school operation and the exams that are written, sometimes some remains are left behind.
Home directories are still available or exam remnants are still on the system.


There is a ucr variable ucsschool/exam/user/homedir/autoremove

ucsschool/exam/user/homedir/autoremove: yes
 Defines whether the home directory of the exam users should also be deleted when the exam users are deleted automatically (Default: yes)

The default is yes, but you should check, if this is unset.
The following script is available to clean up old burdens in general:


This will finish all the current exams and it will clean up completely. It deletes the exam users and removes them from the check groups. UCR variables are reset and so are Internet rules.
But be careful, all class tests in progress will be terminated forcibly. Make sure no current exam takes place.