Problem: Can't start RabbitMQ, node not found


The rabbitmq-server service can’t be started. It fails with epmd reports: node 'rabbit' not running at all

The Logs under /var/log/rabbitmq/ contain:

Error description:


  • UCS@school master node
  • actual PostgreSQL (at time of writing: 9.6)


The recovery.dets file was corrupted, so the solution is to move it away and restart rabbitmq:

mkdir -p tmp/badrabbit
mv /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit@snhucs01/recovery.dets /tmp/badrabbit/
systemctl restart rabbitmq-server.service

You can now check if rabbitmq works again by systemctl status rabbitmq-server.service and rabbitmqctl status

Have fun :rabbit:

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