Problem: After upgrading to OX 7.10.4, documents-collaboration can't open documents


After upgrading to OX 7.10.4, documents-collaboration can’t open documents. The error shows up in the fact that a timeout occurs at some point during opening with the error message “The document appears to be too large”.


With version 7.10.4, OX changed it’s documents-collaboration-setup. Now it is running a separate DCS-Daemon for high availability and/or large setups with multiple documents-servers.

For that, for example the apache2-configuration changed and a reverse-proxy-configuration for accessing the DCS-daemon was added:

root@example:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled# cat ox.conf
RewriteRule (.*) http://localhost:8009/servlet/dav$1 [P]

It is recommended to go through the OX manual for the DCS and check if all configurations have been made and all databases, passwords and files are present.

You can find the Documentation here [1].