Problem after updating to 4.4-8 errata979

I’ve updated to errata979 and the system is working well so far but when I start “Software-Aktualisierung” I always get the following in the updater.log and then I’m in a loop I mean and I have to reboot the system because after a while it’s not reachable any more.

Starting univention-upgrade. Current UCS version is 4.4-8 errata979

Checking for package updates:                           none
Checking for app updates:                               none
Checking for release updates:                           none

Have someone an idea how I can get this done?


Sorry, but every time I want to actualize my system it hangs at this point. Can I just solve it by editing a config-file? The system reminds me today of an existing update, but I can’t install it because of this error.

BW Hemut