Problem: Accessing files with long path fails

Habe eine Datei mit noch längermen Namen erstellt, die hat er aber korrekt geöffnet. Dann unter “speichern unter” mit einem noch längeren Namen versehen- im Linux Pfad hieß die Datei dann einfach 2 und wird auch nur als “2” in Windows angezeigt.


When trying to access a file which is located in several subdirectories you will get access errors.


You will notice entries in the file /var/log/samba/log.smbd:

[2020/05/04 09:30:35.040050,  1, pid=21573] ../../source3/lib/messages.c:899(send_all_fn)
  send_all_fn: messaging_send_buf to 9692 failed: NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND 3

The file is located in a share with many sub directories so the overall length of the path is more than 260 characters.


In Windows environments the maximum allowed length of a file including the drive letter and the directories as the filename (C:\very\long\path\file.txt) mus not exceed 260 characters.

You will have to reduce the number of directories or try to use the sub command to create a shorter alias for the target directory.