Problem: A User Can Not Log On


A user can not logon to his windows computer with “Access denied” and related to group policy client.
The password of the user is correct and he is using roaming profiles.
Additionally the user might get a temporary profile instead of its assigned one.


Sometimes Windows refuses to log on a user if there is an error in his profile or the configured path for the profile is wrong.

Step 1

Check the event viewer in Windows for information about the profile. Frequently you will get useful hints about the issue.

Step 2

Do not assign any GPOs to the user. Just to see if the behavior changes. If it does check your GPOs.

##Step 3
Backup the user’s files and remove the profile from the server as well as on the local Windows client.

Step 4

Remove the registry entries of the profile according to this article.

Login now should work and when the user logs on a new profile folder is created where you can restore the files.