Problem: A new server cannot be installed due to DNS error


A new server cannot join because of DNS error

“Unter der Adresse des DNS-Servers konnte kein Domänencontroller gefunden werden. Die Netzwerkeinstellungen sollten überprüft werden.”

“No domain controller was found at the address of the name server. Please adjust your network settings.”



You can try the following steps to find the root cause and/or solve the issue:


Check firewall and ports.

Step 2:

Check the DNS settings on the slave. The master has to be set as DNS server.

Step 3:

Check if the master has more than one interface, make sure they are all propery configured.
Withdns/backend=samba4 check if these interfaces are properly used by samba

ucr get samba/interfaces
ucr get samba/interfaces/bindonly

Step 4:

Simply try to restart the bind9 service on the master:
systemctl restart bind9.service nscd.service

Step 5:

Check the following service Record to be resolvable

On the master:

dig SRV

;; ANSWER SECTION:   10800   IN      SRV     0 100 389

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:              10800   IN      NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:       80600   IN      A

On the Slave you want to join, if you are in a virtual environment and you can switch to a built-in shell

# chroot /target
# bash
dig SRV
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