Problem: A new added share is not shown


You are missing you latest created share in /etc/samba/shares.conf.d although udm shares/share list lists you share correctly


grep in the listener.log for the Share Name
rgrep -i omnibus /var/log/univention/listener*

/var/log/univention/listener.log:26.06.19 11:03:16.249  LISTENER    ( PROCESS ) : updating 'cn=omnibus,cn=shares,dc=schein,dc=ig' command a 
/var/log/univention/listener.log:26.06.19 11:03:16.264  LISTENER    ( ERROR   ) : samba-shares: rename/create of sharePath for cn=omnibus,cn=shares,dc=schein,dc=ig·
failed (WARNING: the path '/var/freigabe/omnibus' for the share 'omnibus' matches a blacklisted path. The whitelist can be extended via the URC variables listener/share
ucr search --brief whitelist

listener/shares/whitelist/.*: <empty>
listener/shares/whitelist/defaults: /home/*:/opt/*:/run/*:/media/*:/mnt/*:/srv/*
listener/shares/whitelist/italc-windows: /usr/share/italc-windows/*
listener/shares/whitelist/opsi4ucs: /var/lib/opsi/*
listener/shares/whitelist/ucs-school-import: /home/*
listener/shares/whitelist/univention-printserver-pdf: /var/spool/cups-pdf/*

ucr info listener/shares/whitelist/defaults
listener/shares/whitelist/defaults: /home/*:/opt/*:/run/*:/media/*:/mnt/*:/srv/*
 For security reasons creating shares for some system directories is denied by default. This family of variables allows overriding the default blacklist. The values may contain a colon separated list of allowed directories (e.g. /var/*:/usr/*). The variable listener/shares/whitelist/default specifies the UCS recommended default whitelist. After changing the variables univention-directory-listener needs to be restarted.
 Categories: service-misc

You may trigger the listener to create the share by modifying the share or rerun the listener module

udm shares/share modify --dn cn=omnibus,cn=shares,dc=schein,dc=ig --set sambaBrowseable=0
udm shares/share modify --dn cn=omnibus,cn=shares,dc=schein,dc=ig --set sambaBrowseable=1

univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync samba-shares