Problem:62ucs-school-replica.inst failed - value #0 provided more than once


You want to manage several OU’s via a school server, but the join failed and the following is written in /var/log/univention/join.log:

Multifile: /etc/ldap/slapd.conf
Finished updating LDAP indices.
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool0,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool0,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool0,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool0,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool0,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool1,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool1,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool1,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool1,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool1,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool2,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool2,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool2,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool2,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool2,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool3,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool3,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool3,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool3,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool3,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool4,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool4,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool4,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool4,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool4,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-Dejneschool6,cn=policies,ou=Dejneschool6,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-Dejneschool6,cn=policies,ou=Dejneschool6,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
LDAP Error: Type or value exists: univentionPolicyReference: value #0 provided more than once.
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool_5,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool_5,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool_5,cn=policies,ou=dejneschool_5,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
No modification: cn=dhcp,ou=dejneschool_5,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object exists: cn=dhcp-dns-Dejneschool_7,cn=policies,ou=Dejneschool_7,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
Object modified: cn=dhcp-dns-dejneschool_7,cn=policies,ou=Dejneschool_7,dc=ucs5schoolhejne,dc=intranet
LDAP Error: Type or value exists: univentionPolicyReference: value #0 provided more than once.


Bug 55879
The join failed because the school abbreviation / Schulkürzel of one school begins with a capital letter and contains an underscore. The other naming options in the screenshot works well and the join will be successfully.



Please be careful, if a productive or active school is affected by this bug, I advise you to contact Univention Support before taking the next steps and possibly losing school data.

My tests were carried out in a pure test environment without any school data.


Remove all schools that should be added to the school replica. Only the physical school may be present, in my case this is dejneschool2, just like the host of the school replica.
Screenshot from 2024-02-05 11-22-47


Now the actual school replica is have to completely rejoined.


If this join fails, it helps to also remove this school and recreate it exactly the same, i.e. with the same educational name, school abbreviation and name of the school and then execute the join again.



Once the school replica has been successfully joined, the required schools can now be created with the correct school abbreviation. A possible name structure would be, for example:



After creating the schools or assigning the school servers to the schools, open the corresponding school in the UMC Schools module and check under Advanced Settings that the correct file servers are set for home directories and class shares.
Screenshot from 2024-02-05 11-39-46

For more Information about this, here is the Link to the part in the documents:


After all the required schools have been created correctly, this school server must perform the domain join again to create a consistent state of the LDAP directory on the school server.