[PrintServer] Error 0x0000010b when downloading printer driver

UCS: 5.0-1 errata225 (Virtual Box OVA)
Client: Windows 10 Pro (21H2 - build 19044.1526)
Printer driver: Brother Universal Printer (BR-Script3) (

Domain: TEST (test.lan)
UCS PDC: ucs.test.lan (
UCS BDC: ucs-backup.test.lan (
Client: WIN10-TEST-9999.test.lan (
Printer: DCP-9020CDW

I have the error 0x0000010b when downloading the printer driver from PDC.

Procedure followed

  1. Domain creation + backup join
  2. Win10 client join
  3. Download and copy the custom .ppd file from here:
    Téléchargement | DCP-9020CDW | France | Brother > Printer Drivers > CUPSwrapper printer driver (deb package) to /usr/share/ppd/DCP-9020CDW.ppd
  4. Link this .ppd to UMC > LDAP directory > univention > cups > Brother
  5. Create Printer Share from UMC > Printers > DCP-9020CDW, with the custom model referenced
  6. (Printer is visible in CUPS port 631 interface)
  7. Add Administrator domain account to Printer-Admins group
  8. Log as this account to Win10 client
  9. Create a new OU named Printer Deployed and move Win10 object to that OU:
  10. Create a new GPO (named GPO - Printer Deployed) linked to that OU with 2 options to remove printer installation warnings :
  11. Apply GPO (gpupdate /force with no error; then gpresult -r)
  12. Go to Print Management tool and add ucs.test.lan as print server
  13. Add 1 driver > Pilotes > Tout afficher > Pilote d’Imprimante Universel BR-Script (émulation de language PostScript) (64 and 32 bits) using Univention documentation:
  14. Driver upload is successful (can see it in /var/lib/samba/drivers/ on PDC)
  15. Open DCP-9020CDW properties, click “No” to warning, and link driver; then click “Apply”; rename entry as Windows rename it automatically with the driver name, and the result is the following:
  16. Then deploy the printer using previous GPO:
  17. Apply GPO; reboot; then got this error:
    Error 0x0000010b means Directory name is not valid.
  18. I have the exact same error when manually connecting the share using Windows explorer (ucs.test.lan\DCP-9020CDW):

Windows cannot retrieve the driver and install it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have the following network flow when try to connect at step 18 (change .txt to .zip to find a wireshark capture file):print.txt (2.1 MB)