Printer Price per Page

What values can I add in the price per page field? The cost per page is 0.0082 cents per page, but univention won’t let me put that value in.


Hello Gerald,

unfortunately you only can set an integer value via UMC. If you have a testsystem you can try the following commands on this system as a workaround. This will overwrite the value you have to set in the UMC anyway.

pkprinters -c 0.0082 <your_printer_name>

You can check the value with

pkprinters -l

You are aware of the fact that you have to enable print quotas and this only works for the lpd, ipp, http, socket and smb protocols.

Thanks! Quotas have been activated, and I plan to set up clients with ipp or smb, so it should be okay.


i think you should also verify, the price per page count works correctly.