»Print server Quota« on UCS 5

Good Morning everybody,

we finally made it to setup an authorized network printer which can be accessed from M$ Windows (incl. v11 22h2). The final bit that we are missing in our Setup is getting a report about all the printed pages from a given user.

We are running a co-working space and we would like to charge each user for each print, so we need to know how many pages have been printed, if those were A4 or A3 and if they were colored or black and white.

I have found this extension: Print server Quota (pykota) - Univention App Center which seams to do exactly that but as stated in the description:

Note: The app Print Server Quota has been discontinued and is available for UCS 4.x only. There will be no update to UCS 5. For more information, see UCS 5 - Discontinued Features

What is the suggested way to gather that data - is there anything from UCS side we can use, or are there any other approaches we should follow?

Thanks for Directions!!