Previous docker versions of apps

I have the latest univention installed 4.4.5 and the latest nexcloud hub app version 18.0.7-0.

When browsing in the CLI and looking at the docker images available, I see all the old version images of nextcloud still on the system going back to version 13.This all takes up space and as everything works well in the latest version, I don’t need to downgrade again.

Is there an app cleanup on the web administration to delete all these old ones or can we manually delete the old versions with ;

docker image rm xxxxxxxx

Will this have any affect on the latest nextcloud univention app ?

Thanks for guidance.

Hello @rtdeveloper,

you can remove the old ones manually with docker image rm xxxxxx. Docker won’t delete images that are still referenced by containers. If an image is referenced by a container, it gives a warning, e.g.:

Error response from daemon: conflict: unable to delete e3c85abcadf0 (cannot be forced) - image is being used by running container 29005733d100

Best regards,