Prevent an app is pre enabled while user creation

Hello everyone,

in my environment I use Kopano and Nextcloud. Now when I create a new user this user will be automatically predefined as Kopano-User and Nextcloud is also enabled.

So I navigate to the Kopano tab and change the Kopano role to none and then I go to the App tab and uncheck Nextcloud. Then I create the user.

When I open now the user object again the check box for Nextcloud is enabled again so the user is also visible in Nextcloud contact even though this should not be done!
For Kopano is no change, the user is still assigned to the Kopano role none.

Always when I create a new user I have to correct the App tab and do some cleanups.

Is there an option to make sure that the check box will not be selected automatically?

Thank you in advanced.

With kind regards
Hendrik Dreyer

This can be done by adjusting the “default” value of the extended attribute defining the capability to “0”.
For nextcloud the extended attribute is
cn=nextcloudUserEnabled,cn=nextcloud,cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,dc=domain,dc=tld

You can change the attribute by using the LDAP-module in UMC.

Thank you very much Ahrnke. It works.
For new created users I have to set the Nextcloud option additionally now. Perfect!