Postfix stopped accepting mail; missing /etc/postfix/canonical_recipient.db

My environment is a UCS server with Kopano. version is 5.0-6 errata916

Overnight Postfix stopped accepting new emails and is reporting /etc/postfix/canonical_recipient.db to be missing. Listing the /etc/postfix folder confirms the file does not exist, only cannonical.db

This db doesn’t exist on any other UCS sites I support.
Where did this come from? UCS did update postfix in update 916?

okay so examining I find

prevent STMP Smuggling CVE-2023-51764 / Bug 56957

recipient_canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical_recipient
local_header_rewrite_clients =

If I rem out the “recipient_canonical_maps” line all is well.

the question therefore is Was this added as part of the postfix update issued with errata916.
strangely only this specific site has the line.

Should the update also create the DB, or Is the line included in error?

Anyone from Univention care to comment?


Schau erstmal mal ein postmap hilft bevor Du tiefer eintauchst: