Possible Bug when creating User Template

I think I found a bug when creating a new user template. I’ve upgraded my Univention domain from 4.4-9 to 5.0-3 errata 648 a few weeks ago. Therefore I don’t know since when this problem exists.

All my existing templates have this entry under password recovery → email address:


My old templates still work fine as long as I don’t edit this value. When I try to change it or when I try to save a new template with this value, I’m getting this message:

The following properties could not be validated:
E-mail address: No valid E-mail address! The email address contains invalid characters before the @-sign: FULL STOP, GREATER-THAN SIGN, LESS-THAN SIGN.

Should I open a bug report for that? At least I didn’t find something similar in the Univention Bugzilla.