Possible bug in samba/ LDAP directory interface if you go into default samba settings

if you go into your web front end
LDAP directory ->samba folder
on the right it shows " samba domain"

select edit


this and other values never get set or retained.
every time it shows the same error.

Also it sets the default complexity requirements TRUE
so the first time you go in & save it can create problems with the other policy

also there may be a secondary bug… it sets the minimum time to 1 day.

but if an admin resets the user pw & sets “user has to change pw on next login”

then the user cannot change the pw, because the admin time stamp say less than a day

once i set this to 1 minute, THEN the user can reset their pw on the windows computer.


what about using the search function?

At least solves one of your issues. Might fix the other ones, too. Not sure, though.
You might want to look at https://forge.univention.com for bugs.


couple of points

  1. we should not have to keep running scripts to get basic things running on established systems…
    Oh and i an NOT going to run scripts from 2018 on a system 4 yeears later… if i dont see an “updated for 5.0” on the post.

  2. what are the defaults, and why is the system not displaying them , sounds more like we updated some things and don’t care the uI is out of sync.
    this brings to mind some of the serious bugs caused by this sort of thinking (interfaces being “none”)
    that said…
    AFTER i click save, i sexpect these new values to be saved… not to come BACK in again to get the same messages
    you link "https://forge.univention.com "… just highlights the point i’m making