Portal Preview Downgrade or Reset


I had downloaded and installed the Portal Preview and while I like the update, some of my entries were not working and I wanted to downgrade to the original version, however I am not completely sure how to do this.

Is there a simple way to just “reset” the portal to either 1) Downgrade or 2) keep the Preview but set all values to “default”?


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did you find a way to activate the “Old” Portal ?

I have installed the Preview. Now the Portal is no longer working…


No I have not, I have simply been bookmarking the Admin page so that I skip the portal. Not ideal

Hello Guys, I have a big problem with the first page of Univention portal with the preview version.

On the first page I can`t add any icons and login to the portal, also I have a problem going back to an earlier version (stable).

Can someone help me? There is somewhere script on how to remove the preview version of the portal?

Below my screen from portal.


Any news, i would also like to downgrade to portal version 4. So many problems.