Policy on UCS?


Hi All

I have a question.
i’ve studied for 1 week. I can’t control Policy from UCS server to Window client anh others OS.

Please to help me.



You must install the Software full whit the Editor für Nitrobit Group Policy and Nitrobit Policy Extentions on a Windows XP, Vista or 7 to manage this Software.

And you need a Share we named it

Nitrobit all Users must be read at this share and the Administrator must be Read o it or the User do you have installed the nitrobit editor.

Hope you anderstand me
friendly greeting from Austria
Franz Eberl
Partner von Univention



what type of policy do you want to apply exactly and which ways did you try so far?
Please refer to our manual and explain what you intend to do.

kind regards
Tobias Scherer