Permissions for HR

I’m playing around with UCS 5 and try to design some processes. I’d like to have a process for boarding new users. My idea is, members of the HR group create a new user and send him an e-mail for creating his password.
But what kind of permission do the HR people need and how to allow them to have the needed modules on their portal site?

I’m a step further with help from

Now I have a portal with only the tiles I like and the users in this group can manage group assignments. But I like to give them permission to add users.

Please help.

Univention should provide the solution for groups and users so that their management can be delegated. But apparently it is not of interest :roll_eyes:. For users as soon as I have some time I will make a thought and who knows maybe even univention :grinning:

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I think, here is, what I was looking for

ok, a summary in english would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I didn’t test it by myself. So I’m waiting for a confirmation from Univention. Maybe a staff member would translate it.

just look for it :slight_smile: here is the solution

update: no, the solution does not yet apply to 5 :roll_eyes: