Paused a virtual machine and can't get it restarted


Hey forum,

I don’t know if or how this one would refer to my problem, but it doesn’t help me.

as a matter of fact I didn’t want to migrate my VM anywhere else. I just wanted to stop it due to a restart of the hosting UCS-machine (now on 4.3, err 456)… everything went smooth until I wanted to restart said VM via UVMM.
the VM shows “paused” with a “?” at the end of the row. On mouseover I’m getting a note that it’s gonna be restarted after migration had ended.

Since I haven’t started a migration (nor do I want to do that) what can I do to get it restarted?

already looking forward to your advices
Thanks in advance


anyone with an idea on what to do??


There might be a chance to use the virsh commandline to resume or destroy and start the machine.
As far as I remember UVMM will also recognize these state changes even it did not do them himself.



Please log in via ssh on your UVMM server. What’s the output of virsh list --all?


none, i’m afraid…

Administrator@ucs:~$ virsh list --all
 Id    Name                           State

i remember that i once set up a personal pool and called it “VirtuelleMaschinen” and yes said VM was mounted there.
But somehow I can’t connect to “VirtuelleMaschinen” nor am I able to get to any information about it using virsh



with sudo virsh and list --all i got more successful:

virsh # list --all
 Id    Name                           State
 1     other-ubuntu-18-04             paused

and following that

virsh # resume other-ubuntu-18-04
Domain other-ubuntu-18-04 resumed

fixed the problem.

thanks @Moritz_Bunkus and, of course, @ahrnke