Password protected public group


For individual projects I would like to create one public group each in kopano-meet. However, these should be password protected.

In addition, each of the participants should be able to open the group at any time without a registered user opening the room.

Is this possible?

with best

Hi @pixel,

at the moment it is not possible to secure rooms with an additional password. Instead we recommend to use long randomly generated room names.

This is possible, but not exposed as a configuration setting in the app settings. Since Meet is an app based on docker-compose one can however easily extend/override individual parts of the app. The configuration setting to modify is and for this service settings are read from the environment of the container. This can be achieved by placing a files called docker-compose.override.yml needs to be created in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/kopano-meet/compose with the following content:

version: "2.0"

    - allow_guest_only_channels = yes

afterwards run docker-compose up -d in the same folder and now guests user are able to join public groups without a registered user present.