Password prompt appearing on SSO page


Recently whenever a user gets redirected to the Single Sign On page, the browser username and password prompt appears (the same as if you were to password protect a directory with .htaccess).

This prompt can be closed or accept any data and then you are taking to the standard UCS SSO login page where you need to enter valid credentials to login.

Does anyone know a way of:
1.) Working out why this is happening
2.) Fixing it so it doesn’t happen

Just some information I currently use a seperate nginx server as a reverse proxy to access the ucs-sso.domainname url externally and am not sure if this is causing this strange login prompt.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated


this is almost certainly due to your reverse proxy. You can check if the Apache on your UCS server has any type of user/IP restriction by running

grep -ri require /etc/apache2/*enabled*

On my machines there’s no output, meaning Apache isn’t asking the browser for authentication.

Just to make sure access the UCS server directly. I bet you won’t see the browser’s login credential window.