Packages lost after upgrade 5.0-3 errata614 to 5.0-4

hi, I upgraded from 5.0-3 errata614 to 5.0-4 and it lost a lot of univention packages, meaning they where missing after the upgrade.
the obvious one was univention-samba4 which i found because samba was not working

now I found that also univention-s4-connector was missing.

I installed both packages manually via apt. is there a check for further missing packages?

but is there a system-check to get confirmation that my system is still in a healthy status and I’m not overlooking some other internal problems induced by this faillure??

thanks in advance

You can check /var/log/dpkg.log as well as /var/log/apt to see what got removed and not updated. Might take some time, but if I remember correctly the latter should give clues why they got removed.