OX: Thunderbird clients cannot connect via CALDAV/CARDAV

i´m running an UCS 5 Server with OX App Suite.
Connecting my Apple IOS devices via IMAP, SMTP, CALDAV and CARDAV worked flawlessly,
but when using newer Thunderbird Clients, no CALDAV and CARDAV connections were possible.

I discovered that, since the integration of Lightning, Thunderbird seems to use a different user agent string.
To fix that, i added “|Thunderbird” to the ox/caldav/useragent/whitelist system variable.
now it looks like that: Calendar|Reminders|DataAccess|DAVKit|Lightning|Adresboek|dataaccessd|Preferences|Adressbuch|AddressBook|Address\ Book|CalendarStore|CalendarAgent|accountsd|eM\ Client|CoreDAV|DAVdroid|Thunderbird
Warning: Do not add “|Mozilla” here, as the Web UI cannot be reached afterwards!!
Note that, after changing the variable, a univention-config-registry commit does not work. The OX services or the complete UCS server have to be restarted for the changes to become effective.

@univention Team: would you please add Thunderbird permanently to the Whitelist because it’s a very popular Client?
This would save other users from spending a lot frustrating hours of time…