OX-Suite on Managed Node?


I would like to test the OX Suite. However, on my UCS VM’s (5.0.3) it is only available on the primary directory node. Not on the managed node.

I am very reluctant to install the app on the primary directory node. When I want to test a UCS app, I always install a managed node as a VM.

Is there a way to install the OX suite on the managed node?

with best

I guess they install at least one groupware on the primary directory node.

Or am I wrong?

I would also avoid to install those application on a primary.
There are some dependencies (dont know exactly which) that the App Suite can not be installed on a managed node. Most likely related to the additional auth-packages.
But you can install on other roles like backup or replica. Applications with enhanced LDAP-usiage are always candidate for a replica directory node.