OX-Suite: Customize internal fetchmail daemon time


I run the OX suite on a UCS 5.0.3 (replica node). To fetch the mails I have created corresponding fetchmail objects (single drop) on the directory node (5.0.3) → OX-Mails. This all works as well.

The above objects created the file /etc/fetchmailrc:

# Do not edit this file!
# This file will be overwritten by Univention Directory Manager
set syslog
set daemon 300

I want to change the time default from 300 to 60 seconds. Yes, I could change it here but there is a hint that changes will be overwritten by “Univention Directory Manager”.

I did not find a corresponding entry in the UCR. Where do I change the time so that it still works after an update?

with best

The change will not just been overwritten during UCS-upgrade, every change of Fetchmail objects will do.

root@m:/usr# grep "set daemon" /usr/lib/univention-directory-listener/system/ox-fetchmail.py
                f.write('# Do not edit this file!\n# This file will by overwritten by Univention Directory Manager\nset syslog\nset daemon 300\n')

I have in mind that there are discussions to replace the OX-Fetchmail by the default UCS-integration. And I believe that the latter only cared about single entries.
Of course I dont want to give the advise to change the listener module. :wink: (I did for my personal server)

Thanks for the info. How to adjust the listener I do not know.

5 minutes_interval. What company still works with something like this today? :frowning:

I have simply changed the mentioned line in the mentioned file. Be careful not to change indentions in case you want to adjust other things ( I personally did not like that errors would be sent to oxadmin).