OX restore to UCS migration

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We have been able to migrate 32 bits UCS to 64 bits UCS with LDAP and basic components of the operating system. We are now in the process to migrate the mail system OX which is integrated on this install. The team from OX points to the following process oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title … nge_backup to backup and restore OX data into the new system.

        Please inform if there are any other considerations on regards to UCS  and UCR  to successfully perform this migration.    Please include  configuration files that should be take  into account if any, variables settings  and paths.

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Rolando Riley

A migration is a complex operation, so this post does NOT claim completeness.

These are the UCS parts that I’d compare on the new and old servers:

ucr search --brief ox ucr search --brief mail ucr search --brief clamav

for MOD in $(udm modules | grep mail); do echo "== module $MOD =="; udm $MOD list; done
for i in /etc/ox-secrets/*; do echo "$i: $(cat $i)"; done

Passwords in /etc/postfix/smtp_auth for SMTP relay?

Daniel Tröder