OX Reseller Mode



Hello everybody.

I´m quite new using UCS, i’ve been testing since four month more ou less. I have searched about OX as well, and both seems very good so far.

In this weeks of testing, I saw that OX has the Reseller Mode, so something came into my mind, is that possible use Reseller Mode of OX into a UCS server?

I have made a lot of researches at internet about the topic but didn´t find nothing about. If someone could help me with a path to follow I’ll be very grateful.

Best Regards.



it is possible to manage multiple OX contexts with UCS, and you can ofc install the OX reseller bundle (https://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Reseller_Bundle).
Regarding contracts, you’ll have to contact an OX salesman directly.
But - there is currently no delegation mode in UCS to allow [un/low]priviledged users to create other others, manage mailboxes etc. So depending on how you envision this, there might be limitations regarding manageability with multiple administrators.



Nice, thanks Daniel.

With that informations, others comes, to install OX reseller bundle as the link above I will have to do this through Linux command line, is there any concern about UCS system? Can it interfere anyway?
And the administration of additional layer of permissions, subadmins, will be done via command line as well?



I have no concerns regarding the functioning of UCS and the OX integration. It is however not part of the official integration and thus not supported.

The page lists both a command line interface and a SOAP interface.



Ok, thank you very much for the informations.