OX PDF-Drag and Drop into new Mail Preview runs endless

since the last update the Preview mechanism when composing a new Email runs for ever when i drag and drop a PDF into the Attachment area or when i choose this file “von lokaler Datei hinzufügen”
This behavior is new since the last Update. This behavior does not occur when i start a Snapshot which was made before the Update.

It does only occur with Chrome on Windows 7. Chrome on Windows 10 works without Problems

Anyway the Email is sent with these Attachments but it is very confusing not to know if the upload is ready or not.

root@mail:/etc/amavis/conf.d# univention-app info
UCS: 4.2-0 errata85
App Center compatibility: 4
Installed: mailserver=11 open-xchange-text=7.8.4-ucs1 oxseforucs=7.8.4-ucs1

Matthias Hütter

Thank you for reporting.
This is a non-UCS-specific bug in OX and a bug report has been opened at OX’ bug tracker.

Daniel Tröder

OX is in the process of creating hotfixes for 7.8.3 and 7.8.4. They will soon be released in their restricted update repositories and later in the community edition repositories. A future UCS OX app update will include it then.