OX-Mail Fetchmail Single Drop not working


I have an ox-user and created several “Fetchmail Single Drop” entries for that user.
I do not get any messages in INBOX and I cannot find any related logfile entries in openxchange.log.0.
I double checked the credentials for the external imap account…

Is this a known problem? Any other ideas?
I´m on ox-version 4.4-0 errata90

Best regards,

Fetchmail logs to /var/log/mail.log.
Also check /var/log/syslog.
The entries for the fetchmail configuration are created with a listener module, check /var/log/univention/listener.log for errors regarding listener modules.


Hallo @troeder

unfortunately I cannot find any related fetchmail log in any of the mentioned logfiles.
Also in /etc/fetchmailrc no entry is created.

I found Kopano, Community-Version auf UCS-Member

@pixel also had similar problems. I also have two maildomains, but changing the primary mail adress of the user does not help.


i gave it up and didn’t integrate the private domain

I´ll try with a fresh test setup of ucs… No luck so far.