OX License Management



There is the OX License Management option after installing OX, but I can not figure out what that option is for. I have sent an e-mail to OX asking what purpose, but have no answer until now, so I came here ask for your help.
I have an user and password for OX portal, but I don´t have a customer ID, is this option mandatory or it´s just to who have a licence? Even to open source OX use do I need to obtain a free licence or throug UCS use I have to buy one?



The license of the version shipped in the app is: Liable to Costs with Free Trial (see Univention App Catalog).
It entitles you only to try the product out. If your evaluation result is, that you wish to continue using the OX App Suite, you should buy a license from OX! When you do, you’ll get access to the OX repositories that always have the most up2date binaries packages.

When you do not want to buy a license, but wish to use OX, you’ll have to uninstall the app and install OX from their open source repository. You’ll loose the UCS-integration and binaries with security fixes will only be updated from time to time.

Daniel Tröder


Thank you very much.