OX-emClient refuses to accept its license

According to the OX manuals and other sources we’ve configured the OX-emClient correctly to work with the fully licensed OX Appsuite.

emClient uses the custom made providers.xml and starts with a smooth login, so every account will be recognized by the server - including mailservice, caldav and carddav. And although we can immediately send and receive emails, and use calender and contacts, the client still refuses to work properly because it warns us that it cannot find a licensed user account on the server - which in fact is plain and simply - dead wrong.

I have to admit that I’m a litte bit pissed about this right now because this is basically not a support thing, but simply OpenXChange failing to recognize its own licenses, which in turn presented us now with a very angry customer.

btw. When simply using a standard licensed emClient Version directly from the emClients Website - it works just fine.

Does anyone had similar problems?

Dear @nickbe,
Hallo Herr Berglmeir,

the one thing that comes to my mind here is, that eM Client for OX App Suite is not using a license, but a capability check against the respective server. At least one of the mail addresses/accounts in eM Client needs to be equipped with that capability.
So from what I read above, I would assume that the server is not configured correctly.
But this is obviously an assumption, as I don’t know to many details…
It could also be, that the provider.xml information are not working as expected. This part will be improved in the upcoming release of eM Client for OX App Suite, but is currently described in more detail at the “Known Limitations” section in the eM Client for OX App Suite FAQ.

If you want us to have a look at this, feel free to either open a ticket or contact me directly. A test account might speed up things a bit, but is not a prerequisite.

Hope this helps and feel free to contact me for additional questions.

Best regards,

Well the providers.xml seems to work as expected both in the OX Version and in the standard emClient Version. All the settings are instantly detected and can be used afterwards. Still the OX Version is running in trial mode. We’ve just contacted the emClient team. Maybe they know what’s going on here.