Ox-documents unable to open/create excel sheets



Hi everybody,

since we have upgraded to Server-Version: 7.8.4-Rev21 on our UCS 4.2.3 Server, it’s not possible to open or create an excel sheet anymore. The error code from the ox gui is:


Beim Laden des Dokuments trat ein nicht behebbarer Fehler auf.
Error code: ERROR_WHILE_LOADING_DOCUMENT. File id: 1438/2632

Both word files and presentations working fine. Is there a config file to check, or a logfile (which one?) to dig?





is your problem still there?
Does the logfile /var/log/open-xchange/open-xchange.log.0 reveal anything useful?




Hey Sönke,

yes it’s still there. I can’t find anything of interest in that logfile. It happens, when you try to create or open an excel-document.

I also checked the other logfiles in /var/log/open-xchange/ especially those in /var/log/open-xchange/documentconverter/ - just nothing on that topic.



Can you find the error message “ERROR_WHILE_LOADING_DOCUMENT” or something similar within the logfile?
Usually OX prints a traceback to the logfile if the frontend shows an error message. So it would be best, to look at the logfile at the point in time ±10 seconds when you tried to open the excel document.


well, as I said, I couldn’t find anything in the logfiles. For example I checked all the logfiles via

grep -R ERROR_WHILE_LOADING_DOCUMENT /var/log/*.log*
and got no result.


Are there any other places, open-xchange documents used to log into? Maybe it’s a silent loglevel for ox documents?

What I was surprised is that the configuration files for the documentconverter are located both in /opt/open-xchange/etc and /opt/open-xchange/documentconverter/etc . Is that correct?



In the meantime I asked Open-Xchange if there are any known issues like yours… unfortunately this is not the case.
It seems to be unusual that Text and Presentation work flawlessly and Spreadsheet is not.

Can you send me via direct message/email the logfiles from /var/log/open-xchange/?




Hi Sönke,

in the meantime we hand over this topic to our UCS partner. AFAIK they opened a bug at open-xchange.

Thank you very much for your support.