OX-AppSuite & OX-Documents for UCS-V.-4.3.X

Question about the OX-AppSuite and OX-Documents.
We want to update to univention 4.3. and the Software-Center gives out a warning about OX-AppSuite.
Anyone uses OX with the newest Univention-Version?
And if yes, on which versions the app is running and which UCS-Version?
Thank you!

OK did it myself.
The highest OX-AppSuite possible Version for UCS-Version 4.2-5 was 7.8.12.
I installed the highest version of oxseforucs with the command:
univention-app update
univention-app upgrade-search
univention-app upgrade oxseforucs

Then i started the upgrade of UCS with:
univention-upgrade --ignoreterm --ignoressh --updateto=4.3-0
Then the newest version of OX-AppSuite will be installed with the new UCS.

The newer version 7.10.1-ucs3 will be installed with the new UCS-4.3-0.
Same for open-xchange-text=7.10.1-ucs1!

Maybe it could be that you have to reinstall OX-AppSuite in the Management-Console of the Univention-Server, but check before which packages are going to be reinstalled and over the command line if the oxseforucs=7.10.1-ucs3 is installed correct, so you don’t have any lose of data!