OX Appsuite, error with umlauts in names when sending vacation messages

Hi there,

just updated a server to the latest version of the OX Appsuite but the problem persists:

Whenever a username contains an umlaut, the sender of an autoreply message (“Vacation notice”) gets scrambled.
It turns out that OX is converting the username into correct UTF-8 in the respective sieve rule:

# Generated by OX Sieve Bundle on Wed Oct 16 09:12:59 CEST 2019
require [ "vacation" ];

## Flag: vacation|UniqueId:0|Rulename: Abwesenheitsnotiz
if true 
    vacation :days 7 :addresses "sender@domain.com" :subject "=?UTF-8?Q?T=C3=B6sta?=" :from "=?UTF-8?Q?T=C3=B6st=C3=A4_CBXNET?= <sender@domain.com>" "test text" ;

But then (I think) the local mail program (dovecot or postfix) is converting it into UTF-8 formatted characters AGAIN. This way themail client (I tested several) isn’t able to display the sender name correctly anymore:

=?UTF-8?Q?T=C3=B6st=C3=A4_CBXNET?= <sender@domain.com>

Anybody able to fix this?


no fix but a workaround is to set the sender to defaultsender:

This will use the email-address as sender which mostly do not contain umlauts and not the name of the sender.

Sieve would be able to send Umlauts if you manually write them into your sieve-file so i guess OX does some kind of unnecessary encoding.


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Hi Matthias,

thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve seen this option. But it is hard to communicate this as a solution to a customer…

I’d really love a real solution to this.