OX App Suite - CalDAV: great, CardDAV: poor - which Alternative side-by-side?

Hi everybody,

I played with OX App Suite and some Macs using Apple’s Calendar and Contacts. I found OX supporting Calendar’s features really great: several calendars, calendar sharing, attachments etc. (just delegation is missing). But when I had a look at contacts the cooperation of OX Suite and Contacts is very poor: no support for groups or distribution lists.

Does anyone have any experience using OX App Suite for calendars and events but something different (Nextcloud? Kopano incl. kdav?) for contacts? (Is that at all possible?)

Best regards.

Kopano just for contacts (or calendars) could of course work, but always feels really oversized and misplaced. additionally in the univention case the app center actually prevents both apps from being installed on the same host (because of conflicting ports). On top of that I am actually not sure if kdav support groups and lists either.

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