OwnCloud user sync with AD

I have an OwnCloud instance set up with LDAP sync/auth to an Active Directory back-end. I found out tonight that if a user is created in AD, they don’t appear in OwnCloud. No worries, I thought… I’ll just run the user sync. I get into the container and run this command as “www-data”:

./occ -c  -vvv user:sync "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy"

It seems to go through the motions:

Analysing known accounts ...
 1312 [============================] 3 secs 28.0 MiB

Disabling accounts:

[Long userlist snipped]

Inserting new and updating all known users from OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy ...
 2538/2538 [============================] 100% 4 secs/4 secs 28.0 MiB

But the users still don’t appear in the OwnCloud admin interface. Is there some other step I need to take to “commit” the database changes, or something?


the command I would use is

occ user:sync "OCA\User_LDAP\User_Proxy" -m remove

Common problems with users don’t appearing in ownCloud are

  • Missing DisplayName attribute
  • LDAP Filters are configured wrong.

Please post the output of

occ ldap:show-config