ownCloud update to 10.0.8: error msg -> User disabled when logging in


I made an update from the UCS Sofwtare Update page for ownCloud 10.0.8 today.
After that update I am not able to login with the ldap users anymore.

I am able to verify and check the owncloud user login in the test panel :

When I try to login into the webpage, I get a user disabled error message:

I switched on the owncloud option in the users panel, but as far as I understand I have disabled this flag with my LDAP query in owncloud by removing the something like “&(useOwncloud=1)” part.

Kind regards,
Sascha Holm

Ok, as always I found the solution in the second I sent the question to a forum …
The user was disabled in the User view of the owncloud-admin. I don’t know why this happened and how I can change this from LDAP-Plugin. But for users getting the same error here’s my solution.

1.) Login as owncloud-Admin(default is owncloud/owncloud)
2.) choose User (de = Benutzer)
3.) in the user overview switch on the dis-/enable user checkbox.(gear in the bottom left)
4.) Enable user

Still a question is open for me, perhaps someone knows the answer:
a.) Is there a way to manipulate the enable/disable User flag from within univention registry/LDAP?


I don’t know why the user could be deactivated after the update.

You can set the option for a user in the Univention Management Console. When editing a user, the checkbox is at Advanced Settings -> owncloud. Or did you mean something different with the question?

Hello damrose,

I set the option in the UCM, but this did not help. I had to re-enable the user inside owncloud.
I would prefer to make this change in the UCM.