ownCloud: setup script failed at [02.DOCKER_SETUP] Enable user_ldap appo

Hello to all

after a restart of the UCS machine the app owncloud had stop to work, so i have think to remove the app ( done without problem ) for then proceed with the reinstall … but this it was a nightmare ! the installation every time fail … from the app center, from the shell … this is the result of the command univention-app install owncloud … there is someone that can give me help !! thanks

root@server:~# univention-app install owncloud
Going to install ownCloud (10.3.2-1)
Password for Administrator:
[01.PRE_INST] folder declaration
[01.PRE_INST] folder creation
[01.PRE_INST] enable logging
[01.PRE_INST] Test for broken ownCloud installation and fix it to enable updating
[01.PRE_INST] read environment variables
[01.PRE_INST] look for binddn and bindpwdfile
[01.PRE_INST] configure mariadb
Not updating mysql/config/mysqld/innodb_large_prefix
Not updating mysql/config/mysqld/innodb_file_format
Not updating mysql/config/mysqld/innodb_file_per_table
[01.PRE_INST] Check if owncloud 9 was installed previously
[01.PRE_INST] Base configuration for ownCloud
[01.PRE_INST] getting ldap password
Create owncloud/user/enabled
Create owncloud/group/enabled
Create owncloud/ldap/base
Create owncloud/ldap/loginFilter
Create owncloud/ldap/userFilter
Create owncloud/ldap/groupFilter
Create owncloud/ldap/internalNameAttribute
Create owncloud/ldap/userUuid
Create owncloud/ldap/groupUuid
Create owncloud/ldap/emailAttribute
Create owncloud/ldap/memberAssoc
Create owncloud/ldap/user/quotaAttribute
Create owncloud/ldap/base/users
Create owncloud/ldap/base/groups
Create owncloud/ldap/search/users
Create owncloud/ldap/search/groups
[01.PRE_INST] Check if this is a migration from 9.1
[01.PRE_INST] no previous installation found
[01.PRE_INST] Updating Icon Image for ownCloud docs
Create ucs/web/overview/entries/admin/owncloud-admindoc/icon
Module: create_portal_entries
Create ucs/web/overview/entries/admin/owncloud-userdoc/icon
Module: create_portal_entries
Cannot run command: 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1 is not running in a container
Cannot run command: 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1 is not running in a container
ownCloud 10.0

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.Â

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public
License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.
Do you agree [y/N]? y
Creating data directories for owncloud…
Copying /var/cache/univention-appcenter/appcenter.software-univention.de/4.3/owncloud_20200102091547.schema
Registering UCR for owncloud
Marking 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1 as installed
File: /etc/univention/service.info/services/univention-appcenter.cfg
Multifile: /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/pg_hba.conf
File: /usr/share/univention-portal/apps.json
Setting ports for apache proxy
Multifile: /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf
Multifile: /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf
Adding localhost to LDAP object
Setting overview variables
Module: create_portal_entries
Reloading apache2 configuration (via systemctl): apache2.service.
univention-mysql è già stato impostato come installato manualmente.
Creating database for 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1
Password for owncloud database in /etc/owncloud.secret
Registering schema /usr/share/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud/owncloud.schema
INFO: No change of core data of object owncloud.
No modification: cn=owncloud,cn=ldapschema,cn=univention,dc=vm,dc=loc

WARNING: cannot append owncloud to appidentifier, value exists
No modification: cn=owncloud,cn=ldapschema,cn=univention,dc=vm,dc=loc

Waiting for activation of the extension object owncloud: OK
Registering the container host owncl-25617136 for owncloud
Verifying Docker registry manifest for app image docker.software-univention.de/owncloud-owncloud:10.3.2-1
Downloading app images
Running command: docker-compose -p owncloud pull
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Pulling redis … done
Pulling owncloud … done

Initializing app image
Running command: docker-compose -p owncloud up -d --no-build --no-recreate
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Creating owncloud_redis_1 … done
Creating owncloud_owncloud_1 … done

Preconfiguring container 1906e91314eb74531a4729fae81dca6097e189cadc9f5da3ecc9eec9ac6c9a33
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Starting redis …
Starting owncloud …
tarting owncloud … done
Running command: docker cp /etc/owncloud.secret 1906e91314eb74531a4729fae81dca6097e189cadc9f5da3ecc9eec9ac6c9a33:/etc/owncloud.secret
Configuring 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1
Module: autostart
Setting OWNCLOUD_DOMAIN to ‘server.vm.loc’
Setting OWNCLOUD_SUB_URL to ‘/owncloud’
ucr cannot be found, falling back to changing the database file directly
Executing interface restore_data_before_setup for owncloud
No interface defined
Executing interface setup for owncloud
Copying App Center’s setup to container’s /usr/share/univention-docker-container-mode/setup_custom
[02.DOCKER_SETUP] Enable user_ldap app
Setup script failed!
Going to remove ownCloud (10.3.2-1)
Configuring 4.3/owncloud=10.3.2-1
Executing interface configure for owncloud
Copying App Center’s configure to container’s /tmp/owncloud-configure
configuration script running…
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Stopping owncloud_owncloud_1 …
Stopping owncloud_redis_1 …
topping owncloud_redis_1 … done
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Some networks were defined but are not used by any service: appcenter_net
Removing owncloud_owncloud_1 …
Removing owncloud_redis_1 …
emoving owncloud_redis_1 … done
Removing localhost from LDAP object
File: /usr/share/univention-portal/apps.json
File: /etc/univention/service.info/services/univention-appcenter.cfg
Multifile: /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf
Multifile: /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf
Multifile: /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/pg_hba.conf
Module: create_portal_entries
Reloading apache2 configuration (via systemctl): apache2.service.
Installing join script /var/cache/univention-appcenter/appcenter.software-univention.de/4.3/owncloud_20200102091547.uinst
univention-run-join-scripts: runs all join scripts existing on local computer.
copyright © 2001-2019 Univention GmbH, Germany

Running pre-joinscripts hook(s): done
Running 01univention-ldap-server-init.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 02univention-directory-notifier.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 03univention-directory-listener.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 04univention-ldap-client.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 05univention-bind.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 08univention-apache.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 10univention-ldap-server.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 11univention-heimdal-init.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 11univention-pam.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 15univention-directory-notifier-post.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 15univention-heimdal-kdc.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 18python-univention-directory-manager.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 20univention-directory-policy.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 20univention-join.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 22univention-directory-manager-rest.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 26univention-nagios-common.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 28univention-nagios-server.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 30univention-appcenter.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 30univention-nagios-client.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 31univention-nagios-s4-connector.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 31univention-nagios-samba.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 33univention-portal.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 34univention-management-console-server.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 34univention-self-service.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-appcenter-docker.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-appcenter.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-diagnostic.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-ipchange.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-join.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-lib.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-mrtg.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-printers.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-quota.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-reboot.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-services.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-setup.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-sysinfo.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-top.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-ucr.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-udm.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-management-console-module-updater.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-nagios-cups.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-nagios-dansguardian.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-nagios-squid.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-self-service-master.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-self-service-passwordreset-umc.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 35univention-server-overview.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 36univention-management-console-module-apps.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 40univention-postgresql.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 40univention-virtual-machine-manager-schema.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 79univention-printserver.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 80univention-radius.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 81univention-nfs-server.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 90univention-bind-post.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 91univention-saml.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 92univention-management-console-web-server.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 96univention-samba4.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 97univention-s4-connector.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 98univention-pkgdb-tools.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 98univention-samba4-dns.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 98univention-samba4-saml-kerberos.inst skipped (already executed)
Running 51owncloud-uninstall.uinst done
Running post-joinscripts hook(s): done
ownCloud was successfully removed.
A backup was created to make sure you don’t lose any data. You can always
restore it if you should experience issues. The path to the backup is
Press [ENTER] to continue

Hello @lirees

welcome to Univention Help and thank you for your posting.

The ownCloud installation fails during the setup process where ownCloud tries to enable the user_ldap inside ownCloud. I bring your posting to attention at ownCloud.

Best regards,