Owncloud - redirect external URLs directly to app (/owncloud)

I’ve just deployed the latest Owncloud appliance (based on UCS) and wanted to redirect a public IP and a domain of owncloud.mydomain.com to the Owncloud server. I do not want it to add “/owncloud” to the domain name or IP. It’s alright if the internal IP still needs the “/owncloud” tacked on so I can get to the UCS panel.

Can someone please advise on how to do this?

I am new to docker and have only dabbled in apache a while ago. It’s confusing which config files to change. There are two directories “/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/” - one in the docker app for owncloud and one in the host (UCS). It seems like I need to change both, but not sure how…

I am assuming its important to leave the ‘localhost/owncloud’ intact as it will mess with upgrades from UCS. Same goes for the internal IP so I can manage the UCS.

Also, is there some sort of “allowed hosts” for Owncloud I need to configure to allow access from the public IP and domain?

Thanks in advanced.
I’ve been Googling and scouring the forums for 2 days and cannot find clear instructions or explanations.

I’ve added a new ‘owncloud.conf’ file under ‘/etc/apache2/sites-enabled’ in the host and placed the following in there (and restarting apache in the host):

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName owncloud.mydomain.com

ProxyPass / ht tp://127 0 0 1:40000/ retry=0
ProxyPassReverse / ht tp://127 0 0 1:40000/

This seems to work! I’ve added the domain in the hosts files for now. It doesn’t solve the access form an external IP, but thats not critical.