Owncloud LDAP integration


I checked forum but doesn’t find an answer…

I’d like to integrate Owncloud with my AD (LDAP). Application LDAP Integration is enabled but I have problem with credentials:

Host/Port: I think it should be ldaps://dc1.my.local.domain
User DN: Found somewhere that it is computer account for owncloud - owncl-85506986
Password: I don’t know where to find it :frowning:
Base DN: I thonk it should be dc=my,dc=local,dc=domain

Kind regards


The only type of integration which makes sense using ownCloud on UCS would be to install UCS as a member to your AD. This should automatically enable your AD-users in ownCloud by using the integration to the UCS-LDAP. At least this was the case back in time. I havent checked this functionality for some years.



I allready have ownCloud installed on UCS Memberserver added to my AD. But LDAP autorization doesn’t work by default.