Owncloud 9.1 and local files

Yesterday i migrate from owncloud 8.2 to 9.1 successfull. All my important data are without problems after 1 hour online again.

But I have a huge local file structure on my UCS-System. All files under /HDD/SDA_4000GB/sync should be visible and accessable via owncloud.

In the past I create a external entry from type “local” with the path “/HDD/SDA_4000GB/sync”. After the migration now, if i login, i have the error: “The entry point sync is not connected” but the settings are correct migratet.

How can I publish this local folder (is needed for a application that is installed on UCS - but the data should be able to transfer to another instances on remote computers) in my owncloud now?

You could try to link or mount the filesystem in a directory that is mapped into the docker container.

univention-app status owncloud82 shows which container the app is running in. docker inspect <containerid> shows what is mounted inside the container in the Mounts section. One can see that possible directories for the owncloud82 app are /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/owncloud82/data or /var/lib/owncloud