Own TURN server for Meet?


We are currently testing Kopano Meet. At the moment it works with the TURN server provided by Kopano.

I would like to set up my own TURN server in the same LAN as the Kopano and UCS SSO.

Are there corresponding packages for UCS or do I have to set up another Linux VM (Debian, Ubuntu or whatever)?

with best

Hi @pixel

I have one installed on UCS for nextcloud-talk (according to the how-tos for debian you can find on nextcloud related blogs).

But, if I remember correctly, I had to do it just for communication outside the LAN. What is the use-case for a turn-server in a LAN?

Best, Bernd

Hi @lebernd,

I have made the local meet server and the UCS SSO available externally via HA proxy on the pfSense (one subdomain each).

I am currently setting up coturn on the Kopano server and am doing the same here.

I have read the article about NextCloud. I would like to have the TURN server here on the LAN.

with best

I’m wondering if it’s even possible to do it the way I’m planning.

Kopano (Core, Webapp, Meet) and COTURN on the local server (com01.internaldomain.local) and these for Meet as well as for TURN externally accessible under:


Certainly possible but I would not recommend to do it this way. But one note first: Meet is only fully supported when using the Kopano provided Turn service. Simply because we cannot provide reliable support for third party turn installations and this is often the thing that goes wrong at the customer.

Reasons to not install turn in a local lan:

  • the turn server is used as a fallback if a direct connection between peers cannot be established. Therefore it can be quite traffic intensive. So that will be a problem unless someone has a 100/100 internet connection (or better of course)
  • for best connection results the turn server should be available on port 443 instead of the default one. A lot of networks are locked down to only allow the most common ports and would otherwise block connections to the turn server