Outlook 2019 Email Anhang Endung dat statt pdf

Ich habe einige Kunden welche einen Emailserver über UCS mit Kopano vwerwenden. seit einigen Wochen bekommen die Kunden vereinzelt Emails von außen mit einem PDF Anhang der dann im Postfach aslEndung dat landet. Per WebApp ist die Email noch ganz normal als PDF im Anhang drinnen. Verwendet wird Outlook 2019 und die Kopano OL Erweiterung KopanoOLExtension-2.1-20-combined. Der Fehler tritt nicht bei allen Emails auf sondern nur bei einigen .

Und nun das selbe in englischer Sprache
I have some customers who use an email server via UCS with Kopano. For a few weeks now, customers have been receiving occasional emails from outside with a PDF attachment, which then ends up in the mailbox aslEndung dat. Via WebApp, the email is still completely normal as a PDF attached. Outlook 2019 and the Kopano OL extension KopanoOLExtension-2.1-20-combined are used. The error does not occur with all emails but only with some.

Hi @HS-Systeme,

this has previously been reported at https://forum.kopano.io/topic/3398/attachment-in-outlook-renamed. Since the error began after updating Outlook and not after updating Kopano it seem to be Microsoft is at fault here.

Ok in the article by fbartels it is already explained in detail that the problem is also present with the others. It just helps to wait until Microsoft brings out an update. Or Microsoft would like to prevent Outlook from being used as a client for Kopano.

This is not Kopano related - as this problem have exchange server clients too !!!